: : Weight Loss is not cheap : :

I bought this book for myself to do this year. And since Sina’ was asking about it, was thinking of getting it again.

Eeep! Very expensive at MPH. I got mine for RM18.90 from Popular Bookstore during their Annual Book Fair at the Taman Kereta Carpark last month. It’s the 2004 edition but I’m sure it’s still doable. RM68++ is really expensive.

A great place to look for exercising books is at book fairs. Popular Bookstore may not have that many English books compared to TIMES but they sure are cheaper on hardcovers and other books that TIMES priced at very very high figures.

Anyway, have also started the liquid drink diet already. So, it’s breakfast and lunch drinks with milk or soya bean milk with some salads. It’s been over a week now and so far, things are okay. Clothes are a bit more lose although the weight loss is not so much. My colleagues at work tell me not to rush things and take it easy but I can’t help it! LOL! I want to lose weight now!

Still, it’s not too bad. Everyone is looking at me so now the pressure is on. And when I told my 13 year old cousin about my diet drinks, she said that is breakfast for birds. 🙂 She definitely wasn’t impressed.

Anyway, cheerio. I’ll put another video up to cheer folks up.