: : Kelabit Food Fix Part II : :

Parents came back from KL today and Sina’ went for dinner. So, it was me, Dad and Adrienne.

Dad : Let’s goto Fung Mung for a quick dinner.

Wena : (sad face in the PC room. Dad in the kitchen so can’t see.)

Adrienne : Sure. But can we stop by the laundromat in town? I need to pick up my laundry.

Dad : Sure. Since we’re in that part of town, let’s eat at Sultana then.

Wena and Adrienne does a silent happy dance in the PC room.

At the laundromat where Adrienne was out getting her laundry.

Dad : So, where have you guys been eating?

Wena : Errr…for the past 2 days, we’ve been eating at Sultana.

Dad : Aik! Then we can eat at somewhere else.

Wena : NO NO NO NO NO NO! Sultana is fine with us. We were trying to think of how to persuade you to bring us there. Hee hee…

So, three days in a row, it’s been dinner at Sultana. What can I say? The Nuba Laya @ Bario Rice is simply delicious. The good thing is that the Kikid @ Porridge and the veggie is rotated daily. So, it doesn’t get boring at all.

Bamboo shoots with some ginger/garlic, coconut milk and cut chillies.

Kikid @ Porridge but this time cooked with Cangkuk Manis. Delicious and healthy for people with heart problems.

And…..minced fish again! Wasn’t bad at all.

And, everyone went back happy!