: : Kelabit Food Fix Part III : :

Amazingly, there’s so much Kelabit food around this time I’m back, I’m totally flabbergasted. This time round, there was a Food Fair at the Krokop Evangelical Church. So, my diet plans were thrown out the window – well, for Sunday anyways.

Storage for the Nuba Laya. It keeps very well in this styrofoam container and remains warm for a few hours.

We also had some Stir-Fried Pucuk Ubi @ Wild Tapioca Leafs (young-uns). The leaves are first boiled in water to removed out the poisonous sap. Then, they are later pounded using the pestle and mortar before finally being stir-fried with garlic. This one was cook with pork skins. Shockingly high levels of fat but surprisingly tasty. Both my eyes were closed and the piggy wiggy skins removed.

This is a species of Jackfruit known as “Cempedak” in the local language. It’s cooked with coconut milk and some curry powder.

Sorry to spoil the picture. I forgot to take the picture before eating. This is actually Minced Fish steamed with Banana Tree Shoots. Wrapped in the same leaf as the Nuba Laya.

There will be another food fair at the church in June. It’s also open to the public so if you wish to get something, pop by the Church then. Will ask my Mum when is the next one and post it online. More on the KEC church here.