: : Scrumptious Sweetness : :

My little gran-nephew’s birthday party as well as his two friends. This was yesterday.

And I only had a 2cm x 2cm piece of cake!

Then again, there was the buffet table as well… errmmm…

Ok, controlled eating on Monday! After Easter Sunday!

5 thoughts on “: : Scrumptious Sweetness : :”

  1. son is totally in love with the cakes. he now wants me to bake them!!! have a good trip back home.

  2. i agak-agak the piece of cakes i ate. well, 3 pieces of cake. :p

    as for the cakes, for the yu-gi-oh one, i’m not sure where they got the sugar piece of the drawings. i can find out for u and check with my cousin who baked them. it was an amazing butter cake.

    all 3 cakes are homemade by the mothers for their sons. i think it was 2 chocolate cakes and 1 butter cake (that was NOT oily at all).

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