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Teasing the Reading Monk with Seafood Marinara

I have a friend that is salivating with the pictures that I put up here. The Reading Monk seems to love the food pictures that I put up so here’s another 2 pictures to add to the pool.

Because I haven’t had seafood marinara in a long time and there were some leftover squid from the last dish I did, I thought I might as well make it. The last few days were spicy or oriental flavoured so why not a bit of Italian? Although I sort of regretted not taking the trouble to go out into Granny’s garden at night to grab some fresh basil. It would have made a difference so instead, I piled up the dish with McComick’s Salt Free All-Purpose Seasoning. I also found that butter goes wonderfully when cooking with prawns and squid. The aroma of the stir fry is so delicious that you could taste the grilled buttered prawns i.e. I browned some of the prawns a bit.

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Good Choices vs. Bad Choices

I’m sharing with you some stuff that I guess I do in therapy. You can either think I’m completely gone cuckoo or that I really have come to a point where I’m looking at how to make better food choices. I’m now starting to realized that I tend to have this really bad habit of just eating the food to have that temporary feeling of  fullness i.e. not starving = not hungry = happy. Well, happy for the moment anyways.

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Sushi minus rice? Yeah…but falling apart…

I’m more than a bit embarrassed by this post because without rice, sushi doesn’t look as good. As for the taste, it’s normal and to me, it was fine. 🙂

A simple white fish on top of some spinach with some seaweed-soybean flakes mixed in-between. Tasted pretty good but that could be because the flakes were sweetened with rock sugar. It’s the vegetarian version for chicken / pork floss.

I think what I’ll do the next time is not to cut the sushi into small pieces when I make it again without rice but just leave it long. Then all I need to do is eat it.


My lunchbox(es)

This is how I bring my food to work. Pretty easy and simple since everything can fit into one small bag. It’s still a pretty darn heavy bag though because of the 3 glass containers but it’s easy carrying it in a backpack.

An orangey circular lunch bag that came as a set with some Tupperware lunchbox. I stop using the lunchbox since it was made out of plastic and started using glass ones instead. The glass ones aren’t perfect either because the top is still plastic. At least it’s less plastic that comes into contact with the food.

More info after the fold.

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My Guidelines on preparing food

I just did a quick writeup of the food guidelines that I use currently when it comes to preparing food. It’s prettty simple and yet it took a lot of time to fine-tune it to the point that I could actually follow it easily and comfortably. It’s not easy to make the commitment and I dragged my feet so much before. ^.^

So have a good read and let me know your thoughts on it. If you ever need to check back on it, it’s on the menu bar at the very top.