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Teasing the Reading Monk with Seafood Marinara

I have a friend that is salivating with the pictures that I put up here. The Reading Monk seems to love the food pictures that I put up so here’s another 2 pictures to add to the pool.

Because I haven’t had seafood marinara in a long time and there were some leftover squid from the last dish I did, I thought I might as well make it. The last few days were spicy or oriental flavoured so why not a bit of Italian? Although I sort of regretted not taking the trouble to go out into Granny’s garden at night to grab some fresh basil. It would have made a difference so instead, I piled up the dish with McComick’s Salt Free All-Purpose Seasoning. I also found that butter goes wonderfully when cooking with prawns and squid. The aroma of the stir fry is so delicious that you could taste the grilled buttered prawns i.e. I browned some of the prawns a bit.

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