: : Google Earth & Kuching : :

I’m always trying out new features to put on the web. This time is another experiment, similar to my Frappr one. Only this time, it get’s a bit more interesting.

I’ve been playing around a bit with Google Earth so I’m testing it out at the moment. I’m still not sure how it works and it looks like it’s manual updating of locations. Plus, you need to have Google Earth installed in your computer to view the locations. Check whether your PC requirements can handle it or not. A broadband connection is recommended because of the amount of data that passes through it.

Here are some downloads for you to view on your PC. Note that Google Earth needs to be installed first :

My Foodspot links. Only 2 at the moment while I’m still testing it out.
Kuching landmarks that are useful.

But, somehow, I get the feeling someone would put up a better one than I can. I get lazy after awhile or when the glamour has worn off. Ah well.

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