: : Blog-free day : :

Well, not today but last Friday. It was so nice just not to take photos at all and write about something. When you’ve been doing it for so long (can’t believe it’s coming to 3 years), having a break is always a pleasure.

I met up with Fish Fish, Miracle8, Wilson and Kris for some food and we went traipsing all over Kuching for it. Here is Miracle8’s posting about the meeting. The food is lovely.

Actually, I can’t post anything up because I didn’t take any pictures except for the Carrot-Green-Apple-Papaya juice drink at AHA Lounge. Ah well.

Oh, if you’re wondering what’s I’ve been doing, I’ve been busy blogging about two games over at Gamersinfo.net. I use a pseudonym known as Myremi and am currently playing two games. One is FlyFF (which I did mention about a month ago) and another one is ROSE Online. Note that for ROSE, there is a Phillipine, Korea and EU server. FlyFF also have the same, as well as a separate China and Taiwan servers. FlyFF is free to play but ROSE, you have to pay.

Both games are from Korea and ROSE is actually developed by the same company that did Ragnorak Online. Ok, so it’s different from R.O. but I never got into R.O. Although, now I hear my younger cousins getting into Maple Story or GunBound.