: : Fixing an old problem : :

Today, I went with Fish Fish to her masseur. Believe me, he was good but here’s the following conversation.

S : Aiya! Your back is terrible! Here *poke!* and here *poke!*!! Too much air inside. Your shoulder is not the major problem. It’s your back. Plus your legs.

Wena : *Panting from aches* Ah ok…can fix or not?

S : Can can. You come see me once a week for another 3-4 more weeks than we see how. A lot of blood not circulating well. Bad bad. You sit too long at night playing games?

Wena : *Gulp!* Errr…yeah?

S : That is no good! Bad circulation for the leg. You come next week and we do again.

Wena : Ok.

It went on with massaging problem areas and even though I was achy afterwards, the muscles were surprising relax. I also had occasional pins and needles but this was not painful, just ticklist. He mentioned that it was the blood circulating.

Wena : Wah! I feel good!

Fish Fish : Yeah but when he does his serious treatment, maybe cannot walk for awhile. My Mum couldn’t walk for 2 days. After that, she could walk.

Wena : *Gulp*… OK.

So, I’m in for the long-run. Let’s see how’s the outcome. Massage is the traditional cure here for aches and pains. Plus, this chap may be young but he does know his stuff, being taught by a Master since he was 7 years old. Now that’s a very long time to learn about massage.

Next week, let’s see if I can walk. The nerves that are trapped from my prolapsed disc will be release and my blood circulation may improve.