: : Surviving 3rd massage session : :

Today was my 3rd session with the Chinese masseur and probably the most painful for my legs. For my upper back, it’s alright already except for the joints where my shoulders met my arms. That could be due to problems in my lower back which is getting a lot better but still having problems.

But like I said, it’s my legs that are the most painful. The most painful parts are where my hip bones and knee joints are located. He doesn’t massage the joints but the tendon and, I suspect where the main bloodlines are running.

Although, things does look good, according to him. My legs are not so lumpy as the last week and he said that it looks thinner. Because I have poor blood circulation in my legs due to the fat layer, a lot of “air” are trapped in the fat layer and that is why my legs are big.

Actually, I’m going because after the massage and 2 days of rest, I feel more limber and relax than I’ve been in years. Of course, it gets painful and tiring there. I was shrieking and moaning a lot, especially when it was my left leg. I ended up panting a lot but nothing else is damage afterwards so that’s alright.

My cousin, who accompanied me, had a good laugh at my screams. Hopefully, I haven’t been scaring the customers in the hair salon next door. Haha! Anyway, we went to this eating joint known as Fusion Cafe and it was a good choice. Will post pictures up when I can. Feeling a bit tired at the moment.