: : Back Banging Day : :

I don’t know why but today, a few people decided to give me a nice pat on the back. Unfortunately, due to my session with the Chinese Masseur, my back has been more sensitive.

Morning, at the entrance to work : A pat on the back by Miss E. For a small gal, she does pack a wallop.

Near noon : Another pat but this time on my lower back which was slightly coloured from some bruises. This time from Mdm. K. She wanted to see how much I’ve lost weight and so patted down my shirt. Wasn’t prepared for it.

After work : Mdm. S gave me another pat but this time on my shoulder. Alamak!

Luckily, today wasn’t as bad as Sunday. That was a lot worst. On a plus side, my back and legs are so relax that they’re no longer as tense as they used to be before the massage. Phew!