: : Danger Alert! : :


Sensors have picked up high levels of addictive chocolate in the vincinity. Proceed with caution.

Deceptively small, these Hershey Kisses will make you crave for them more and more. Do not be deceived by their pretty wrappings. That little bit of paper sticking out will make you want to pull them open. Batten down the hatches to your mouth! Die your hands behind your back and high-tail it out of here!

Aik! In a sneak attack, a whole box of assorted Belgium chocolates blocks your path! They wave tempting chocholate bites in front of you. You see black and white chocolate swimming in front of your eyes. Your sensors detect hidden nuts and fillings inside some of the stealth chocs. In a desperate attempt, you take a running leap over the box and rush out to the exit!

SPLAT! You were tripped by another box of chocholates. Definitely the evil black and white chocolates are out to make you tempted to eat. However, you shall prevail! As you cover your eyes, relying on your sensors to help you find your way out of this sinister adventure, you race onwards. As you run away, sweet cute laughter are following you. The chocolates are diabolical and you get an awful feeling that they are planning to launch their secret weapon at you.

Suddenly, an exit appears in shining light. You race towards it, only to find a shadow. What is it now? Another chocolate? No, it’s the sakura biscuit, come to guide you back to the mothership!

And there is the mothership. As you plonk yourself down amongsts friends, you can’t help but wonder what else would the chocolates be up to. Falling gently asleep, you hear faint laughter in the distance. Is it all a dream or a beginning of a nightmare?

: : Throwing away inches : :

Ohhh….I love the measuring tape today.

I’ve shrunk down since the last week I measured myself :

Bust : zilch, nada, nothing. Urgh.
Waist : 1 inch!
Hips : 1.5 inches!
Thighs : 2 inches!
Updates! Weight loss : ~4 pounds!

Phew! For a moment there, I thought I wouldn’t be shrinking. Have to get my supervisor to give me my measurements that she measured during the first week.

This is the 3rd week into Wena’s 2006 Project of Losing Weight. It isn’t going to end until Christmas, I think. That’s how much I have to lose.

Have I cheated? Oh yes. Dinner at Bla Bla Bla on Thursday and 1/8 slice of a pizza yesterday.

: : Formal Lunch : :

About a few weeks ago, I went to attend a function at the Sarawak State Legislative Assembly Hall. Well, not in the hall itself but in the function room. From the picture, you can tell that it was a very grand room and very formal as well.

On each table, there was a food warmer. There are tea candles at the bottom heating up the water in the middle, causing steam to rise up and gently head the small plates on top that has food on them.

Now this is the cold starter dish. Looks tempting doesn’t it? See if you can match the pickled chilli jellyfish, baby octopus, prawn and fruit salad and some fish cake rolls. The only problem was that because the food warmer was already in the middle, we had to squeeze in this cold dish plate to the side.

Also served as Double Boiled Kampung Chicken (Free Ranged Chicken) with Ginseng and Dry Scallops Soup. Yes, in the midst of all the bird flu situation, I went and took this. Why? Because it’s properly cook and at that time, no cases in Sarawak. Even to this day, there’s none. So, I thought, why not? And I’m still alive today. :p

Finally the main dishes. The middle was Yam Fried Rice in Lotus Leaf (glutinuous rice is used). The fish was Garoupa cooked in Assam Sauce. Another chicken dish known as Meisan Roasted Chicken. And the vegetable is one of the traditional Sarawakian dishes : Fried Midin with Garlic.

Who was the caterer? Holiday Inn Kuching. Surprise? Actually, their food is actually quite good IF IF IF you eat the Meisan Chinese Restaurant. The Coffee House is not so nice.

And I ate this before the start of my diet. What caused me to go on a diet was the picture afterwards. LOL! It scared me so much that I decided to go and lose some weight. So, that was that.

: : Kuching International Airport woes: :

Poor fish fish had her umbrella “misplaced” by an MAS staff at the Kuching Internation Airport recently. And after she was lending it to him. Hopefully, she didn’t get wet from the rain.

I guess it doesn’t help with this still hanging in the air. So, I need to be extra careful myself when I go through the airport next week when flying back to Miri.

BTW, that airport has a high theft rate so always good to be alert for snatch thieves. It happens fairly often at that airport. Even if it’s no less different from any other airport, still the impression does last.

Next week, back in Miri for a month long break. And hopefully with more postings (very famous last words).