: : Getting smaller : :

By the end of this month, I would have been on my Weight Loss programme for nearly 3 months. Up till today, I’ve lost 7.71 kg or 17 pounds, depending on which unit you prefer to use. My BMI has gone down but still far far away from my target value. I went from 40.30 to 37.21. Target is BMI 22 / 54 kg. Very far away still.

I’ve also gain a lot of stretch marks that needs to be dealt with. Urgh.

And yes, I know, pictures. Patience, patience. Pictures are coming.

When I have time. ^_^

: : Back Banging Day : :

I don’t know why but today, a few people decided to give me a nice pat on the back. Unfortunately, due to my session with the Chinese Masseur, my back has been more sensitive.

Morning, at the entrance to work : A pat on the back by Miss E. For a small gal, she does pack a wallop.

Near noon : Another pat but this time on my lower back which was slightly coloured from some bruises. This time from Mdm. K. She wanted to see how much I’ve lost weight and so patted down my shirt. Wasn’t prepared for it.

After work : Mdm. S gave me another pat but this time on my shoulder. Alamak!

Luckily, today wasn’t as bad as Sunday. That was a lot worst. On a plus side, my back and legs are so relax that they’re no longer as tense as they used to be before the massage. Phew!

: : Pollution & Google Earth : :

Was just checking Google Earth after Mr. Wong was mentioning it to me yesterday. Yeah, we’re that geeky but isn’t it the in-thing to be geeky? Haha! Anyway, we were having a discussion on how cool it was but also that the pictures are a few years old. Seems like quite a fair bit of pictures available are old.

I took a closer look at Miri and Kuching. Here is a snapshot of the Baram River at Kuala Baram.

Makes you wonder what all those black stuff are. *Shudder* The Miri Port is there as well as the heavy industries. There’s definitely something not write about that water when you see that further upstream, the water is a very nice deep blue or pale blue.

No wonder the newspapers were having a field day a few years ago about how badly polluted the rivers are in Sarawak. Even the Kuching River is black but because the pictures are old, I can’t tell whether the river is better now. It’s still the old picture because there’s still a lot of silt in the River but that should have changed with the new weir at Sungai Sarawak Kiri.

So, errm… parents, relatives, friends and readers, if you end up seeing my face in the papers, well, errm… They wouldn’t shoot the messenger rite? O_o. Oh btw, Dad, you might want to try this program out. It’s very nifty and you can find people’s houses there. Haha!

: : My Restaurant, Sama Jaya, Kuching : :

Recently, I had a lovely, lovely meal at My Restaurant. It’s located in Sama Jaya area, or rather just before Kampung Tabuan Jaya. The business is owned by Angela and Walter, with Walter being the previous Austrian chef at Cavary. They set up this restaurant since last year, specialising in pork. Yes, the oink-oink, piggy wiggy meal. Here are the some the dishes that they prepare.

For each table, home-made garlic bread is served. Bear in mind that this bread is literally dripping with oil from the butter. Believe me, it’s a lot of butter in there. It tastes nice but the oil is a lot. Well, it’s not oil, per se, just an overdose of butter.

I’ve always like Caesar Salad that is crispy and fresh and that is not swimming in salad sauce. At My Restaurant, they definitely do it better than some of the restaurants in the city. They serve it with a slice of bacon, rather than using bacon bits.

The picture here is the Grilled Porked Chop with Apple slices. If there’s one thing good about pork, is that it goes very very well with fruit. The fruit is either fresh fruit, cooked fruit or some fruit sauce. Although, my Auntie Maria stays away from any fruit sauce as it reminds her of eating jam with meat. Haha! Anyway, the pork chop was done well and it’s also a fairly thick slice. The grilled apple slices was a nice touch. Errm…and yes… errm… quite a fair bit of oil as well. So be forewarned.

Here is a mix set. I can’t quite remember the name but it’s made up of pork sausages, chicken, pork chop and bacon. This is dish that is for 2 people with all the meat and chips there. And ermm….definitely a lot of oil. I especially like the pork sausage because it wasn’t a frankfuther/hot dog sausage but a real pork sausage. Yum.

Well, isn’t oily stuff taste good? That’s the problem with trying to keep one’s weight down! Anyway, bear this in mind in case you’re going to goto My Restaurant, for those who do not like oily stuff. It has other stuff to offer like chicken, beef and fish dishes but their specialty is definitely pork. One things for sure, nothing is rancid and everything is prepared fresh.

The restaurant details are as follows :

My Restaurant
Ground Floor, Lot 13186 & 13187,
Samajaya Commercial Center,
Jalan Setia Raja,
93350 Kuching.
Tel / Fax : 082 – 361588 (Speak to Angela for reservations)
Tues – Sat: 11 am – 2 pm (Lunch). 6 – 10 pm (Dinner)
Sun : 6 – 10 pm (Dinner only)
Mon : Closed

If anyone of you are going, please say hi to Angela. She’s very friendly and will give you a good recommendation for your dinner.

Oh, another thing is that the kitchen is open to the whole restaurant so you get to smell and actually see Walter cooking. It’s interesting to go up and see how your food is being cooked. However, I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re wearing your best clothes. As for the rest of the restaurant, don’t worry about any oil stains. The kitchen seems to have very very good ventilation that you get the nice cooking smells that you really do get distracted during mealtimes.

Enjoy your trip there!

: : Food Hygiene : :

Food hygiene has always been a debate in every country. Some governments take stern action, others just issue warnings (like in China recently) and others, nothing.

I just got a note in my mailbox about Fecal Matter on top of meat box packings. Bad bad. Larry Stone is following the issue in Florida closely. Sounded awfully familiar from someone else I heard. Cats for rats/mice pest control. Geckos for flies pest control. Wonder how are roaches controlled naturally.

Then it got me thinking : cats are sometimes kept onboard ships to control rats/mice in the cargo haul. *shudder*

Well, if the meat packing industries are not HAACP certified, time to buy from someone else. Anyway, it’s always a good idea to practice some recommended food hygiene practices, at least for one’s health and well-being.

And I can safely say that I survive 1.5 years in one of Kuala Lumpur’s worst hygienic suburbs. Yes, it was a daily game of Russian Roulette, food style that is.