: : Losing the excess baggage : :

Currently weight loss up till today is 8.71 kg. That’s in a period of 3 months. Yeah, I know, it’s slow. The 1st month, I cheated too much in Miri so weight loss wasn’t that great. Too many family dinners!

But now, am back on track. I’m actually taking a meal supplement because it’s harder now to lose weight with cutting down on meals and not getting enough nutrients. Yeah, it’s tough work but on the bright side, I’m losing. Steadily.

And suddenly, reaching my ideal weight suddenly seems a lot faster. Phew!

One of the reasons why I decided to go on a diet program is that I have 2 mothers who are forever reminding me that I’m suppose to lose weight. Ok, now I am. :p Hee hee! It’s also ironic that the roles are reverse now and I’m sometimes reminding them to lose weight as well. Haha! Putting on weight easily runs in the family.

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  1. I think 8.71kg in 3 months is pretty good! I’d love to lose about 4kg, but I love food far too much and I can’t be bothered to exercise, so I’ll just be happy with the weight that I am 🙂

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