: : Dead meat : :

Now I understand why Aaron is hooked onto World of Warcraft.

With most people watching the FIFA matches late at night, the streamyx connection is blazing. Even this morning, it was quite a speedy connection. Got the WoW Trial download 2.7 GB by this Sunday morning from Fileplanet and updated and installed a few hours later.

I started out as a Night Elven Druid and ended up in a forest with music similar to Neverwinter Nights. It’s uncannily identical, or nearly there. The songs and graphics are amazing. And even though the characters are cartoonish, it’s still not too bad.

Plus, the game is abled to be played on my old heap of a PC and an old graphics card. Old as in a 32MB NVIDIA card. Well, the graphics aren’t as smooth as it could have been but oh well. Still costs too much to upgrade this computer so I think I’ll wait a bit longer.

BTW, PC fair in Kuching during end June. Ho Hum. ^_^

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  1. yeah 🙁 but so far WoW keeping me company. ^_^ well, for another 9 more days though. haha!

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