: : How long does it take to make a bento : :

6 bentos so far and not much difference in the timing because I don’t do much preparation before hand.

I usually try to start cooking around 8 pm and finish by 9:30 pm. This includes cutting the veggie and meat, cooking and then decoration.

I’m getting better at it but still needs a lot of work. Noodles are still an issue as I can taste the salt in them. Ah well.

Am bringing one bento box container with me when I go over to UK. At least got a small pre-packed lunch. 🙂

: : Cholesterol of Quail Eggs : :

How much cholesterol is in one egg? How much saturated fat is in one egg?

One Chicken egg has cholesterol of 201mg and 1.6gms saturated fat (55 gm egg)
One Duck egg has cholesterol of 621mg and 2.6gms saturated fat (70 gm egg)
One Quail egg has cholesterol of 76mg and 0.3gms saturated fat (9 gm egg)
One Turkey egg has cholesterol of 747mg and 2.9gms saturated fat (80 gm egg)
One Goose egg has cholesterol of 1226mg and 5.3gms saturated fat (145 gm egg)

Source : http://www.cholesterolcholestrol.com/egg-cholesterol-cholestrol.html

So, looks like it’s safer than chicken eggs.

: : Bento 4 ~ Smiley Face with Dino Eggs : :


Making faces with food. Does that count as playing with food?

See the things I do to keep myself occupied away from playing an online game?


I was ready to stop when one of the quail eggs I did kind of cracked a bit when I started doing the dino eggs. But didn’t look too bad so moved ahead. See the nest of dino eggs amidst the jungle foliage (broccoli) against a starry night?

OK, I’m cracked up. 🙁


Was trying to do a checkered board but it’s harder than I thought it would be. Haha! The terrine from the other day wasn’t browned enough to give the effect. Anyway, hid it with some of the carrots where I stuff the egg yolk circles in. Waste not, want not, even if it’s itty bitty little scraps of food.


Mackerel poached with 1/2 teaspoon of tomyam paste and water and some garlic. Then made the smiley face. The moustache was leftover chai sim in the fridge.

The fish is sitting on a bed of cucumbers. I need to beef up my intake of vegetables and I still got the feeling it wasn’t quite enough.

Haven’t quite mastered the way of the artist but I can’t do much atm since I’m going to be away soon. So can’t stock up on any food else Granny nags me for buying too much and poor her has to eat it. Hee hee!