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Oh, I wanted to post something simple up today. I was thinking about what DieHardX was saying about how bad the Vietnamese Buffet was at Marriot Miri during the April Promotion. How he mentioned that they didn’t have much fare in terms of prawns, crabs or squid (sotong). Thinking back, I remembered seeing some Prawn Rolls, Crabs cook in something in the main buffet and I think there was a Squid Salad as well.

But you know what? Regardless of how I post about the food I eat or how DieHardX feels about it, it’s going to be downright impossible to bring the actual flavours of, say Vietnamese food, out of Vietnam. Unless, you have the right chefs, of course. Another example I can take is that Granny’s Nyonya Cooking is my favourite but that’s just me. Some folks may not like it so much but that’s alright.

For the dessert posting up the other day, to me, it was very nice because compared to what I’ve eaten elsewhere in Sarawak, of course Marriot would be better. Well, in terms of dessert buffet that is. So it really is a comparison of what you have already tasted before and comparing to what you have tasted before.

Now, before someone goes and yells at me, I can also say that on the evening of Friday 12 May 2006, that Thai Buffet at Marriot was alright except for the fact that the Tom Yam Soup had too much salt inside that it was inedible and one of the Thai desserts (sago with coconut milk) was also salty instead of sweet. I wasn’t the only one that made this observation to the staff but other people as well.

However, on Sunday 14 May 2006, the Tom Yam Soup flavour was now better but not as spicy (no shiok) and the desserts tasted a lot better than before. So they do listen to the guests which is a good thing.

Speaking of which, need to put some pictures up but will leave that for tomorrow. I’m now moving my tush on an exercise ball in an effort to lose weight. It is now my “chair” while I use the computer.

As for dining again at Marriot, well, I have to wait until my next Miri trip. Good thing parents know the people there so we do get good treatment. Comes with always dining in that hotel.

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  1. hmmm, no, when i dine there, it was normal buffet down there at e restaurant below e curved (spiral) staircases. it has no theme. not dat i was grumbling but u paid so much n wat u got has nothing worth e value. i did not go into details as i was onli complaining about e desserts. they r really not acceptable, e cakes, e muffins, e pies, so many varieties, not even 1 makes me happy! hehe!

    e beef bbq was overcooked, it tasted like stone! e mutton/lamb was still acceptable. as 4 seafood, i am not e onli 1 complaining, i overheard tables beside me saying e same thing.

    it is not an excuse 4 a 5 star hotel 2 create buffet dat is not 5 star. i am not being veli hard 2 please or veli choosy in my taste of food. u can ask huai bin my fren how cincai i eat. but e acceptable standards r not there 4 dat kind of money u paid n dat kind of brand name u have in marriott as expected.

    i went on a sun becoz it was my friend’s birthday. remember i asked u about where to dine in miri earlier?

    as 4 themes, yes, in marriott singapore, i went 4 a thai buffet b4. they really fly in e chefs from thailand. e standards r top notch. u have nothing 2 complain!

    btw, it is really nostalgic 4 me 2 go back there again. i was there e last time when it was rihga royal n holiday inn as neighbour. i heard people talking about e boss’ sons losing alot of money in football betting, hence e reason! not sure e true story! but it is basically e same as rihga royal. nothing much changes!

  2. well, to put it another way, 5 star hotels still can’t beat homecook meals any day anyways.


    again, not all hotels are cut out the same. be it marriot singapore, marriot miri or another marriot elsewhere.

    or perhaps my taste buds are dying. 😛

    yes, it is nostalgic but i also learnt that memories that i know as a child may not always be what i remembered as an adult.

    it is expensive yes but most times, i ate for free and at discounted price. 😛

    you could also drop an email to marriot miri and see what happens. ^_^

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