: : Trevor @ Baba : :

Well, the Miri International Jazz Festival came and went. It was a blast and awesome too. Although, there was downside of the drink prices going up (something to do with the hotel increasing sponsored drink prices including mineral water… hmmmm?) half an hour into the 1st day of the festival.

Anyway, Trevor and the Universal Blues Band were a blast and definitely one of the better acts of the day. Here’s some clips courtesy of Dad. I’m going to leave it up until Trevor or Danny screams at me to take it down. ^_^ The video quality would be better with better graphic cards (at least, I sincerely hope so!!).


The above clip is a lovely song that was fitting as it was also Mother’s Day that Sunday. There’s more in YouTube but I screwed up the uploads. So, now have to redo it and get it uploaded or something.

Oh, the comment about Trevor’s relatives from Bario coming down for the concert? It was aunties, cousins, nephews and nieces as well as his Grandparents. His granddad sat on the VIP seat whereas his Granma went up in front with the rest of all the Kelabit relatives were. Where? It was on the lower right of the stage. His Granma was even dancing the night away! Sorry guys, no shots.

Enjoy people!

: : Elusive Chai Sim Veggie : :

This happened during my trip back to Miri.

Dad calling me on the handphone.

Dad : Wena, are you still in Boulevard Shopping Center?

Wena : Yep. Wassup Dad?

Dad : Can you grab some Chai Sim (Chinese Spinach) for dinner tonight?

Wena : Sure thing.

I walked to the supermarket only to come across a problem. Calling Dad on handphone.

Wena : Dad, there’s a bit of a problem.

Dad : Yeah?

Wena : Well, I know how Chai Sim looks like when Mah-mah (Granny) buys it but there’s 3 different types here! Which one do you want?

Dad : It should be one of those labelled Sawi (Malay term for Spinach).

Wena : Errr…that doesn’t help. Now, you’ve given me 8 choices in total!

Dad : Ha ha!

In the end, I bought the Sawi Bunga since that’s the one Granny buys. Phew!