: : Elusive Chai Sim Veggie : :

This happened during my trip back to Miri.

Dad calling me on the handphone.

Dad : Wena, are you still in Boulevard Shopping Center?

Wena : Yep. Wassup Dad?

Dad : Can you grab some Chai Sim (Chinese Spinach) for dinner tonight?

Wena : Sure thing.

I walked to the supermarket only to come across a problem. Calling Dad on handphone.

Wena : Dad, there’s a bit of a problem.

Dad : Yeah?

Wena : Well, I know how Chai Sim looks like when Mah-mah (Granny) buys it but there’s 3 different types here! Which one do you want?

Dad : It should be one of those labelled Sawi (Malay term for Spinach).

Wena : Errr…that doesn’t help. Now, you’ve given me 8 choices in total!

Dad : Ha ha!

In the end, I bought the Sawi Bunga since that’s the one Granny buys. Phew!

One thought on “: : Elusive Chai Sim Veggie : :”

  1. hymm… same here, I have problems naming vegetables. I can recognise them when shopping, but I do not remember what they are called. Quite a problem if reading recipe books or asking someone to buy for you. I started to learn a bit more about them when I started a little gardening.


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