: : Marriot : :

Connection back on. Now, the following pictures are more than enough reasons to go and dine at Marriot in Miri. The desserts are as tasty as is shown in the pictures. It’s mouth-watering enough for me to forgo the main meal. Well, close to anyways.

If you have the Premium Card, it’s really worth the discounts. I mean, RM68++ per pax at the buffet at Zest (their coffee house) Restaurant and if it’s only 2 people dining, it’s an instant 50% discount. Of course, the more people, the less the discount until it caps at 25% with 5 or more people having a meal together.

More pics after I sorted out my PC and camera. Oh, PC problem was one of the RAM went kaput so put in a new one. Voila! Hopefully, this would last for a fair bit yet.

: : Back Home in Kuching : :

It’s great to be back in Kuching but I kind of miss my break in Miri. It wasn’t really a break as most of the time, my brain is dead from information overload during the training session.

Still, it was fun to meet up with everyone, especially Trevor during the Miri Jazz Festival. It was a blast and everyone had fun.

The sad news is that my PC went kaput. Sigh. Suspected either the RAM or motherboard or harddisk. Pricey maintenance. Oh well. Let’s see what happens next then. Until then, pics will be uploaded laters.