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Novelty Flower Salad

Salad : Novelty Flower Salad

I saw some edible flowers in a pack at Cold Storage, Green Heights Mall, Kuching, Sarawak. So bought a pack and made a salad. This is what’s inside that salad. Certainly tasted better than what I had expected although hopefully the flowers are ok to be eaten. These flowers are grown in Genting and surprisingly, came out tasting really well. The only flowers that I recognized were pansies and chrysanthemums. The problem with flowers in salad is that they should be added in last as the petals started peeling off after mixing. Found that out the hard way.

-pickled pear/mango? Not sure. Stole it from my Uncle’s stash in the fridge
-edible flowers that included pansies, posies and chrysanthemum
-Lemon juice
-Nutmeg powder (seems to make a lot of difference)

Lunch : Lemon Chicken

Lunch : Lemon Chicken

Yep, this was a lunch protein source to make lunch a good square meal. Back in university, a friend of mine taught me how to make the lemon sauce from scratch, rather than relying on the lemon sauce from the bottle. The only problem is that a lot of sugar is needed so I cut out a lot of sugar.

The chicken was pan-fried after being seasoned with pepper. The sauce is made up of purple shallots, garlic and ginger with 1 squeezed up lemon juice. I think I also added in about 1/2 teaspoon of cornflour to thicken the sauce up as well as 1-2 teaspoon of brown sugar. The pink stuff you see there was the result of the onions getting discolored by the lemon juice.

: : Thermos JBA Lunch Jars : :

41IttOA4tiL__SS400_41ycwNUi9UL__SS400_ Bento Lunch Jar

3 different types of Thermos and I finally managed to hunt them down. The black one on the left is currently for sale at Parkson Grand for about RM149 but without a bag. However, it comes with a travel mug. This was the one I bought and it turn out to be the one I’m currently using. I used one of the small containers for breakfast. The lunch container is the middle big one. And the afternoon snack is the small one that usually contains fruits. It may seem a bit small to some ppl but it’s enough for me. Once you’ve eaten like this, it’s very hard to go back to the big meals that one used to take.

The middle red and white one is available from the RHB Creditcard Rewards program for 2008 – 2009.

And the blue one is available from the Citibank Creditcard Rewards Program for 2008 – 2009.

For all three jars, the containers are all microwaveable except for the lids. Those would have to be removed. They all come with chopsticks so if you need a fork and spoon, you will need to bring it separately.

More pictures after the fold.
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: : Bento ~ Playing around with new toys : :


I had new cutters. 🙂


The faces were cut using the red cutter in the picture above (left). Bought them from Bentomarket.com. And yes, it’s just as expensive in Japan or US as the pricetag you see there.

One thing I realised about using those cutters is that sometimes the vegetables will crack a bit. The cooked carrots actually did crack a bit although I think it was probably due to it being too thick a slice. Need to cut it smaller. Those smilie faces will go a long way in decorating salads though. Hee hee hee!