Quickie Korean Pork with Gochujang

Because I’ve been hackering for some Korean food lately, I went to the nearby Korean grocery shop to buy the Gochujang chilli paste. I didn’t add in all the typical ingredients other than adding in a tablespoon of the chilli paste, some strips of ginger and garlic into some slices of pork. Wanted a quick and easy stir fry that didn’t take too long to do.

It’s a pretty simple dish and I had accompanied it with stir-fry spinach. I’m not sure how to call this spinach since it’s one of those that are long and thin but supposedly good for people with high blood pressure, according to Granny.

I wanted to get some chilli flakes to upped the spicyness but the Korean shop didn’t have any and the only other place that I remember selling it was Ta Kiong Supermarket, The Spring which probably has massive traffic jams considering the lateness of the hour. Anyway, I decided to just do without and just marinade the pork with ginger and a tablespoon of the chilli paste. I had fried some chopped garlic before adding in the marinated meat. Added in about 2 tablespoon of water so that the pork will cook more evenly and will have a bit of a thick sauce coating it all. A quick dash of pepper and voila! A quick and easy stirfy although not the most authentic Korean stir fry pork. Ah well. Next time.

A simple stir-fry spinach. Garlic cooked first, then the spinach with 1 tablespoon of water and some Worcester Sauce for a bit of sweet taste. That’s it.

Simple breakfast and lunch for tomorrow. Do I mind eating the same thing for 2 meals? Not really since Granny does that too. Besides, it’s still delicious food. 🙂

Next in line : learning to do some of those Korean vegetable kimchi so that I don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing for it. Problem will come when it’s been fermented for so long that it’s starting to smell. Talk about a pong in the fridge but maybe it wouldn’t be *too* bad.

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