: : Streamyx Saga : :

It was a very funny session. Last Thursday, 2 people came and check the phoneline. They then called the Streamyx tech who came to the house and all 3 started quarrelling. Or so says my granny as they didn’t tell me that they were going on that day.

So, last Saturday, the Streamyx tech came by and explained to me the situation. Ruling out the issue of my PC and modem having problems, it was finally the phone line that had problems.

Problem 1 : My house wiring system
The way the existing phone line was connected, one of the connections outside the house got damaged during heavy rains. In fact, the Telekom contractor wasn’t even suppose to have split the line in such a way that the split connection point is outside the house. So, Streamyx Tech Office (Kuching) has help to arrange for a telephone contractor to come and rewire the house. This will cost me about RM50++ to do the entire wiring works.

Problem 2 : Telephone system in the old Tabuan Jaya phases
This one is not easily solved and it falls on Telekom on whether they want to upgrade the telephone system in the older parts of Tabuan Jaya. Because the phone exchange and system is more than 20 years old, many of the wiring works have weaken such that the Streamyx signal will not be strong. My account had to be downgraded from 1MB to 512kb. It was downgraded last Thursday and there was definitely a noticeable improvement to the line i.e. I didn’t have frequent disconnections. I live in one of the older Tabuan Jaya areas (Phase I or II, I think) so if you’re also getting frequent disconnections, it’s a good idea to downgrade it. So, I save about RM20 a month. According to the tech, once the system is improve, Streamyx will contact me on whether I want to upgrade the package or not but only if the lines have improved a lot to the point it runs a lot better than now.

Plus Note
Because my ZTE modem is one of the older modems, apparently it’s more stable. Phew! That was the only plus point for that day. The newer ZTE modems are apparently less stable and more problematic. And to think I was thinking of changing my ADSL modem to another brand. I wonder if it had to do with the firmware being from DLink. According to Mr. Wong who help to troubleshoot my modem, the firmware interface is exactly like DLink except for the name of the company on top.

3 thoughts on “: : Streamyx Saga : :”

  1. RM 50 doesn’t sound too bad… here, if the problem is the phone line and it’s outside the house, the phone tech won’t charge, but if it’s inside the house, the last time I was quoted, it was USD 80 ++ an hour :~(

  2. if u know streamyx is stupid.why the stupidest still using the streamyx????just unsubscribe idiot.dont make noise

  3. some clarification here.

    1. you are claiming that i think streamyx is stupid. i did not and do not think so. however, they do need help with some coordination on information. they are trying their best.

    2. i don’t want to unsubscribe because there’s no other broadband alternative available. it’s a choice of either to be patient with them and let them fix the problem, or get angry, cancel account and use dialup which is even worst. i chose the former.

    3. this is not making “noise” but rather, sharing of information i.e. my experience with streamyx with other users. the posting was written with an effort to be neutral and put the facts on the table.

    4. should you decide to view the posting as “noise”, it’s your perogative. however, it is pretty silly to always get mad and not make an effort to make things better, even if it means checking up on streamyx more often. as a user, i’m making the effort to tell them what is my problem and reporting to them whether it gets fix or not.

    5. the other end of the spectrum is that those working in the “service” industry are equally stressed out, whether it’s in the ISP services or fastfood outlets. they have as much pressure and stress as the rest of the working world. it pays to be courteous to them and you’ll get better service in the long run. if you chose to be rude, they can be equally nasty to you back. during my entire dealings with streamyx, i didn’t shout at them or raise my voice or use unpleasant language.

    6. posting anonymously usually means that you fear retribution in one manner or another by commenting as such. i don’t have the time nor inclination to go on a manhunt.

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