: : Streamyx Saga II : :

Ok, some updates regarding my line connection.

Problem 1 : My house wiring connections

TELEKOM’s contractor came very fast but I guess business is business. The technician came this afternoon and has done the rewiring of the phone lines. So now, for my PC, there’s now a direct line using the recommended phone cable for Streamyx. That is RM50.

Also, the wiring for the 2 telephones in the house also got replaced and are also connected directly to TELEKOM. That was RM40 per phone so in total, everything was RM130.

According to the technician, rewiring of telephone systems is the norm for them. They just did 4 house before mine and all that the same problem.

And, to connect on, I have to disconnect the telephone on the top floor. Bleargh.

Problem 2 : Telephone system in the old Tabuan Jaya phases

Now, this same technician did mention that since I’m still using the old copper wiring system for the telephone exchange, there’s no way the Streamyx signal will be strong. The newer telephone systems are now using fibre-optic so the signal strength is much stronger.

So there you have it. Problem 1 is fix. Problem 2 may not be so easy and it hinges on whether TELEKOM really wants to upgrade their phone system or not. Which probably will not happen for awhile yet. Sigh. IF EVER…

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  1. Hi Wena,

    Are your Streamyx constantly disconnects itself every, say 10 to 15 mins? I’ve the same problem too since last month.

  2. hi wil!

    Yes, I had the same problem. So, here’s a rundown of the troubleshooting that streamyx will get you to do :

    1. Power off the modem and remove the cables. Power off computer. Leave for 5 min. Then power back on.

    2. Create a new dialer. http://www.tm.net.my/tmnet2006/contents/products-services/product_streamyx_techfaq.cfm

    3. Do not log on during 5-7 pm if you live in Tabuan Jaya. Impossible to stay online for long. 10pm-12am also busy period so expect frequent disconnections.

    4. Run Spyware to check for possible spywares. Best so far for me was Zone Alarm Pro. Even the trial version is fully functional. Plus, it picked up a lot of adwares that weren’t picked up by other softwares. Spywares will send out so much information out that your connection will be slow or disconnected.

    A lot of people may say that Firefox is spyware free. Not true. Last time I cleaned my uncle’s PC in Miri, it was a messpot of spyware. Firefox has become one of the popular browsers that spywares can bypass any security features.

    5. I run a firewall. The free one from Zone Alarm. Certain IPs receives a lot of packets so if your signal is not strong to your modem, you will get frequently disconnected. Even playing games, I run a firewall. No choice. Else I can’t stay connected.

    6. Do a virus scan. If you’re not able to use Norton, then get AVG. That free virus software is still good to use. They do not have the ample resources as Norton and McAfee but all that means is that it may take longer for them to detect the virus and get it clean. Besides, Norton and McAfee does over free software for specific viruses which you can use to fix your problem.

    7. If you read the Top10 Errors found, you’ll notice it asked you to reinstall Windows. I told them that I did not intend to do so as I’m using an original version of Windows. If pirated version, then it’s tough for you because you cannot use Windows Update anymore for patches. Need original versions now. Windows Update is to handle security holes in the software.

    8. Worst come to worst, create a fuss over the TMNet Streamyx Helpdesk until they give you a reference number. And do not close the problem until you’re satisfied. Worked for me.

  3. hi Wena!
    Thanks for the superbly long reply! Firefox is spyware free but it’s among the safest because attack of viruses usually direct to IE. I’m sure I’m clear of those 7 steps and I’m adamant it’s Streamyx fault! Anyway, it seldom happen now.

  4. it looks like it’s not a problem with IE or Firefox but rather one of the addon problems. http://www.spywareinfo.com/newsletter/archives/2005/mar13.php

    one thing that i try not to have is a misconception of internet security becoz ultimately, there isn’t any. yes, even for firefox.

    i actually stop using firefox because it was just slow. i luv the tab interface though. i switched to another web browser that works on top of IE but provides an improved version of Firefox’s tab interface. name of the software is Maxthon (http://www.maxthon.com) . Yes, there’s all these spywares and virus coming in but it’s a small hassle because i’m still vulnerable from email attachments anyways or downloadable files from the net. maxthon was the fastest browser among the 3 so i put up with a small inconvenience.

  5. telekom doesn’t fix the lines inside the house, and the tm technicians happily will recommend an outside contractor to fix up the lines. I was highly suspicious when I was in the situation. I asked my regular electrician to sort out my shocked lines. I have 5 lines in the house. It costed me RM20 which included changing a few electrical plugs!

  6. I actually wasn’t suspicious because I’ve known for a long time now that Telekom contracts out those services. And it’s the norm for big companies to actually do outsourcing.

    And I wouldn’t ask a separate electrician to do it because if there’s any problems with the Telekom lines within a week or so, I can get them back to do it FOC.

    Plus, if you’re going to get an electrician to do it, there can be arguments on who was the one at fault for the faulty installation. Sometimes, no choice but to go back to them.

    And it’s more of how you persuade them. Magic word : Networking. And my Dad is good so learning from him. ^_^

  7. hey, u all know about streamyx or not?? disconnected due to spyware or virus? no way lah……… it is due to physical problem (for example phone line), i also facing similar problem too. everytime got incoming phone call, the DSL light will blink blink……….@.@

  8. it’s not about your pc or the lines. My pc is the same as I use it 6 month ago and the lines were the same.

    Problem is streamyx. The thing is big brother is watching you. The problem is; big brother is not doing his job as a pro, will learn one day but we all gonna be cancer (hope not!)

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