: : Places to Eat : :

Just came across a directory for interesting food in Sarawak. Someone obviously has not been updating it. Yes, you can find German food in Kuching. Surprise? Arrangements can be made at Carvery a few days in advance. Also, Oktoberfest is a very big event every October with an omm-pa-pa band in Kuching and Miri.

There are at least 3 Japanese restaurant, 1 Italian restaurant, 3 Korean restaurants and countless seafood outlets! Good Western food is also available and many many hawker stalls!

Hmm… now I have an idea to set up a directory. Will start planning to do it once I’ve moved to another web server.

: : Yesterday’s lunchie : :

Decided to put yesterday’s lunchie because today’s lunch was worst! Urgh! Cafeteria food. The only decent thing was instant Korean noodles: kimchi flavour.

Anyway, yesterday’s lunch was kuah chap. Mentioned early, it’s a pork stew but not thick at all. Usually cooked with herbs, pork meat as well as intestines, pork stomach, pork skin and really big pieces of rice noodles. The noodles are similar to the kway teow except that they are cut in square pieces. It’s also accompanied with half an egg.

Kuah Chap

This dish is a great breakfast dish and quite filling. Definitely not one for those who are not used to the unusual ingredients though. It is both sweet and salty at the same time as dark soy sauce is used to make the soup.

To finish the meal, I had a cup of Ribena 7-up!! Some Ribena syrup was mixed with the 7-up. Great way to end a meal eaten outside on a hot hot hot day!!

Ribena 7-up