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LG was in town so we went and had dinner at a quaint restaurant called Carvery. The concept is based on Argentinian/Brazilian serving. As usual, I did not take much photos as we were busy eating. Also, the photos aren’t that great with my little camera.

The chef, Mr. Walter Frostl, has been working in Sarawak for many years before opening up this restaurant with other partners.

Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup

Homemade Bread eaten with the Mushroom Soup

oohhh… very very tasty. The soup was very thick with a lot of mushroom blended inside. Went well with the bread. All the bread is homemade and is very tasty. One of the few restaurants in Kuching that makes it fluffy and not too salty.

Salad from buffet bar

Salad from the Cold and Hot Sald Bar

There are two salad bars in this restaurant : cold and hot. Fresh mushrooms. Baby carrots. Alfafa sprouts. Sometimes, you can find corgettes (my fav!!). The pic isn’t the greatest but trust me when I say that the food was excellent done. Other than veggies, they have pasta (both hot and cold), Thai beef salad, and others.

Carvery-Beef Steak

The Carvery

Right, onto the main dish. About more than 10 dishes of different kind of meat was available. The meat are all cooked in-house so here is a quick rundown on what we had tonight :

•Chicken Sausage

•Beef Sausage


•Breaded Fish

•Lamb Chop

•Rack of Lamb

•Beef Ribs

•Chicken cocktail sausage wrapped in Beef Bacon

•Beef Ham

•Chicken Ham

Homemade Mint Sauce, Pepper Sauce, Mushroom Sauce


It was simply delicious especially the mint sauce! All the sauce are made in-house so definitely authentic all the way. And the flavours that comes out are simply ummmmmmmmmmmmm!


There is a dessert menu available but of course, yours truly settled for a delicious bowl of Haagen Daaz Rum Raisin Ice-Cream. Probably the only restaurant that serves this ice-cream. Forgot to take a picture, as usual.

All compliments are more than due to the chef, Walter Frostl. He has been in Sarawak for many years, cooking in various hotels and giving customers full and satisfying meals.

Address :


Lot 2069, Jalan Utama,

Bintawa Industrial Estate,

93450 Kuching,


Tel : 082-345428, 345429

Enough said. My stomach is full and it was full paying the money for it. The restaurant is also open during lunchtime serving very reasonable priced meals as well as Set Lunches. Try it out! Definitely worth the money.

Deco in the restaurant