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I decided to put up pics and commentaries of other interesting foodstuff found in Kuching, Sarawak. It’s not easy having to go out and have something to eat all the time. Also, quite painful for the purse.

: : Custard Apple : :

Custard Apple

Custard Apple: Opened

Saw my granny eating this apple this afternoon. Well, it doesn’t look like the usual apple that one sees everyday in the supermarket. Called Custard Apple because of the taste. It’s actually very sweet with the light custard flavour. Also known as leng kim in Chinese. To open the fruit, one just needs to pry off the skin which is actually very soft despite the tough-looking exterior.

Granny has two plants in her garden so decided to take a pic of it. It can be grown easily from one seeds found inside the fruit.

Custard Apple Plant

Custard Apple Plant

Where to buy the fruit? The wet market, of course. Haven’t seen it in the major supermarkets, probably because it’s a local fruit.