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The Red Thermos Set


The red thermos set arrived last Friday and I can tell you it’s small. Granny was shocked to see it so small and kept saying that it won’t be enough for me. Hee hee!

Well, it’s not too bad, I think. I use the top container for a small serving of salad for breakfast. Then lunch was stir-fried somen noodles with spinach, chai sim, carrots, onions, garlic and some home-made fish balls (no flour in them). Seasoned with 1 teaspoon of Lea & Perrins sauce and 1 teaspoon of Mirin sauce.

Granny said that it smelled nice so looks like my cooking is getting better. Only thing was that there were no taste to it.

: : Thermos JBA Lunch Jars : :

41IttOA4tiL__SS400_41ycwNUi9UL__SS400_ Bento Lunch Jar

3 different types of Thermos and I finally managed to hunt them down. The black one on the left is currently for sale at Parkson Grand for about RM149 but without a bag. However, it comes with a travel mug. This was the one I bought and it turn out to be the one I’m currently using. I used one of the small containers for breakfast. The lunch container is the middle big one. And the afternoon snack is the small one that usually contains fruits. It may seem a bit small to some ppl but it’s enough for me. Once you’ve eaten like this, it’s very hard to go back to the big meals that one used to take.

The middle red and white one is available from the RHB Creditcard Rewards program for 2008 – 2009.

And the blue one is available from the Citibank Creditcard Rewards Program for 2008 – 2009.

For all three jars, the containers are all microwaveable except for the lids. Those would have to be removed. They all come with chopsticks so if you need a fork and spoon, you will need to bring it separately.

More pictures after the fold.
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: : How long does it take to make a bento : :

6 bentos so far and not much difference in the timing because I don’t do much preparation before hand.

I usually try to start cooking around 8 pm and finish by 9:30 pm. This includes cutting the veggie and meat, cooking and then decoration.

I’m getting better at it but still needs a lot of work. Noodles are still an issue as I can taste the salt in them. Ah well.

Am bringing one bento box container with me when I go over to UK. At least got a small pre-packed lunch. 🙂

: : Bento Boxes : :

I think I may have found a better solution to portion control than I realised. Because it looks like the Japanese have already come up with that solution. Apparently, all one needs to know is 3 parts carbo, 1 part protein, 2 parts vegetables and select the container based on the volume.

Guide to Choosing the Right Size Bento Box
Translation of how to Select Bento Boxes from Yellow Studio, Japan

So, it looks like the Tupperware lunchbox that I’ve been carrying around is the 900 ml one and what I really should be eating is a 600 ml container.

Anyway, there are lot of inspirations online. Some links are here :
Bento Challenge
Video Games Characters come alive!

Well, have ordered some bento sets from ebay Malaysia. Now all I have to do is wait for them to come but in the mean time, just use what I currently have at hand.