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One fine day in 2003, I decided to start a food blog to tease my sister and my mother who were both living in the USA. Somehow, along the way, I ended up feeding a lot of people just via the food pictures that I put up everyday. In 2005, I decided to take a break from blogging and just take it easy. So there were sporadic posts from my travels in the US as well as Germany and England. Now in 2009, I'm trying to pick it up again and start chronicaling my journey towards a better lifestyle that is more healthy than what it currently is right now.

Gawai Greetings with a Rice Cooker

I’m just fooling around with iMovie and my camera. The little video of a little rice cooker bubbling away was too cute not to do a short video. 🙂

Also, since it’s Gawai celebrations, it was a nice to do a simple video greeting.


Enjoy your rice meal today 🙂 Happy Gawai Holidays!


Naïve Restaurant : Blessing of the Sesame Seeds (BLOSS)

Naïve Restaurant : Blessing of the Sesame Seed (BLOSS)

Having dinner at a vegetarian restaurant called Naïve last Saturday, after the UIBC (Ultimate Internet Boot Camp) seminar. The waitress was explaining to us the reason for the ceremony.

The restaurant is located opposite of Katong Mall, Singapore and is worth going to. So the next time you’re in Singapore, it’s worth checking out.

Naïve Restaurant link :

New website : Stronger Fitter Better

Postnote 30 Nov 2014 : I took this site down a year ago because I realized that it’s not easy to share how I got over my backpain without any help so it seemed to make more sense to stop writing about it. The videos are still up on my YouTube channel but the writing on the wall is down.

I have a new project at hand. It’s a new website called

I decided to have a separate one from Mum-Mum so that it’s focused more about fitness, weightloss and health management. On the health part, I’m focusing on the back pain, slipped disc, stage II hypertension (high blood pressure) and weight loss.

So signed up to keep yourself updated with stuff I”m sharing online. You’ll get a free miniguide as well for free on “How to Lose Weight while having Back Pain.”

And what will happened to Mum-Mum? It’ll still be here but this time, I’m going to do more video postings to cut down the amount of time writing writing writing. I’ll also have Granny do spot interviews, she’s a gem of a lady.

Stay tune for more new stuff coming long!


Fungal Link

One of the things that I’ve learnt was how my healthy well-being was determined by whether the food had fungi in it or not.

I was pointed to this website known as
“Know the Cause” by Doug Kaufmann. It was and is an eye-opener to me. I never knew that all the problems that I faced (e.g. Dandruff, dry skins, mouth ulcers) were contributed by fungal growth in my gut.

Now, after watching how much bread, mushrooms and noodles I take, those pesky health went away. However, it does come back when I’m not watching what I eat.

It’s not a popular practice but it does work. Everyday is a challenging day to practice this but there is no denying that it does work.

I’m working my way to fixing my gut but at the same time, finding the balance in enjoying life without causing too much harm to my body.

Work in progress? Yes. Major renovations of the mind in terms of food concept. Major repairs to the body as reconstruction is happening.

It’s a day at a time.