How to make gluten-free banana fritters

I made this video a couple of years ago when I was back in Miri for 2013 Chinese New Year Celebrations. My cousin was teaching me how to make Banana Fritters ala Long Lellang. It was a delicious way of making banana fritters without flour, hence, a tasty gluten-free meal. Click below to see the video and more information about making this gluten-free meal.

Long Lellang is up in the Kelabit Highlands where flour is very scarce. I hope that you enjoy this video because I certainly did. 🙂


The banana’s must be slightly unripe so that it’s hard enough to withstand the long frying period. The final banana fritter would then have this crispy taste that it would give this great umami flavour. The moment that this was mention, it’s an instant hit with everyone, young and old.

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