Prawn Rice Medley

One thing I’ve learnt from Japanese cooks, is that it’s possible to eat a rice dish without having to do much frying. How? Well, easy. Just mix the ingredients together while the rice is still warm. It cuts down the oil and the frying effect.

Then again, I suppose some “food purist” will say that I chopped up the veggies too small that any benefits from fibre is lost. I like eating small bits and pieces. Anything big is so unsightly when trying to eat it gracefully. Haha!

So, I made this prawn rice “medley” (as it’s called in one of my cookbooks, the cooking style of the rice that is). Was trying to get the sharp tangy taste of the ginger out but not successful. Need to use grated ginger juice and pulp methinks.

Lunch : Prawn Rice Medley

I stir-fried the ginger, garlic and onions with 1 teaspoon of olive oil. Then added in the prawns along with the Mirin sauce (1 tablespoon). After that, added in the cucumbers and celery for a quick turn around the pot. Then off the fire and mix in the rice and stir stir stir until well mix.

Lunch : Rice Medley with Prawn and Cucumber

The cucumbers were still a bit too big so next time, I’ll chop them up smaller. Also, probably will need to add in more veggies. Still not enough I think.

Anyway, when I heated it up in the microwave at the office, people were attracted by the smell. O.O