Dem bones…

I haven’t been writing a lot because I had a relapsed of an old back problem. I hurt my back again and this time, it resulted in a larger herniated disc at the L5 lumbar spine than before. It affected my S1 nerve which is now causing some knee and thigh pain if I sat down for too long.

I was on sick leave for 2 weeks and went back to work last week. It was a definitely difficult to sit down but with some exercises learnt from Tatiana, the pain is manageable. I’m seeing her again next week after the Raya holidays for a posture evaluation and then to settle on a routine that will help me cope with my back. The back is better now although the rest of my body is tired from being on steroids and painkillers for 2 weeks and now am completely off any form of medication except for my blood pressure tablet. The rest are just normal supplements.

As for bentoing, of course I’m still doing it. 🙂 Prior to this incident, I was busy eating outside with an auditor at the company so kinda went off the weight loss plan. However, I went back on it because of the back problem and now am back on track. My total weight loss to date is 22 kg and I weighed in at 84 kg. Now it’s going to be tough getting down the last 27 kg. I’m hoping to reach it maybe around the end of this year else it’s another project for next year.

Will try and get some pictures up of previous bentos that I’ve taken.