Status Updates

Yes yes, it’s been quiet here but only because I’m in the process of recovering from the back and life.

Yes, I’m still making bentos although the food is a lot simplier now as I am now on a 4-day rotation diet which is interesting. I don’t eat as wide as variety of food in one day as I used to as I’m cleaning up my body. I’m keeping track of how food effects me as well as how much sleep and water I’m drinking.

This Friday, I am going to start going to the gym regularly for some back strengthening exercises. Now that is going to be interesting. 🙂

In the mean time, I’m in the middle of sorting out my wardrobe of big size clothes. It’s not a good idea to keep them because it may mean that I don’t have the willpower to stay thin! No way am I getting big again.

Up to today, I’ve lost a total of 24 kg and there’s another 22 kg to go. That’s how much I have left to go. Then we’ll see if Rowena will be in a bikini. 😉