: : Bazaar Ramadhan ~ Part II : :

Sort of dozed off last nite at 11 p.m. while waiting for my PC to finish defrag-ing the harddisk. The next thing I knew, it was 4:40 a.m. and the PC was still on. Oh oh. Sigh. Even after that, my CD-Burner is kaput so have to look for a new one. Luckily, according to Melvin, it costs less than RM200 per unit so should be easy to get it replaced. Phew!

Anyway, took a picture of the sunrise from my room. The picture above is unedited in terms of color and brightness but was resized. Granny also woke up early as she wasn’t feeling very well for the past few days. Her flu got worst so I took her to the doctor’s this morning.

As Granny is resting at home, I SMS Melvin and Maylin whether they wanted to go and check out the Bazaar Ramadhan at Masja and they agreed to accompany me. So, off we went.

I took this picture from the new bridge in Pending. And yes, this one I edited because the sun was so bright and the camera doesn’t have much functions to control the lighting and exposure. Oh well. Hmmm… How did we take the picture? Stop the car in the middle of the road. Only after taking the picture, I noticed the security camera on the lamp post. Ooopps!

Anyway, the bazaar was still as full as ever. This time round, I wanted to take some pictures of the agar-agar @ jelly that was sold here. Wanted to share with the Soup Lady from Joy of Soup on the types of jelly we have here. Her picture of the Broken Glass Jelly cake made me so hungry. The jelly shown above will have different tastes to it : apple, pandan, chocolate and coconut. I’m pretty sure there will be loads of other flavours inside it as well. Great to eat after a hot hot day.

It is also rambutan season here. Rambutans are red fruits that are very sweet and juicy. The outer skin looks prickly but it’s actually very soft and can be peeled off. Granny’s rambutan tree is fruiting like mad and she’s already given/sold about 1000 pieces. Maylin was telling me how she actually heated up the rambutan for a short while until the prickly ends curled up. When she opened the rambutan, the sugar inside had partly caramelised giving the rambutan an added sweetish flavour. Must try it out one day. She did it on a BBQ pit where the fire was slowly burning. I think that’s how she did it. A note of warning about eating rambutans : Eating too much will cause your throat to become throat and hot. It is a heaty fruit and you might end up with sore throat after that so don’t eat too much!

This is how sugar cane drink is made traditionally. The sugar cane is cut into half and is put through a machine to squeeze out the juice. This hawker did it many times to extract out as much sugar cane juice he can get. The juice is later filtered out using a muslin cloth and packed in ice for chilling before being sold. I bought about 2 huge packets of about 1 liter each for RM2 per packet (US$0.52).

These are some of the drinks being sold at another drink stall. From left to right, we have sarsi @ root beer, orange codial, fresh soya bean milk and sugar cane juice. All were chilled before being hung to be sold off.

Well, that’s it for today. After the trip, I came back feeling feverish myself. Think I’m going to fall sick as well. 🙁 Oh well. Took 2 tablets of paracetamol, Vitamin C and Cod Liver Oil pills. Hopefully, will feel better tomorrow.


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