Nasi Ulam Revisited

It’s nice to have a revisit of the Nasi Ulam that Granny made for me awhile back.

A new ingredient we added in was the bunga kantan or rather, torch ginger, to give it a different taste. Also, this time, instead of salted fish, she added in dried prawn.

Herbs for Nasi Ulam

The herbs as well as the torch ginger (in pink) / bunga kantan on the upper left of the picture.

Ingredients for Nasi Ulam - Herbs & Onions

This is the ingredients just after cutting it into small slices.

Dried Prawn

The dried salted prawns just after it was rinsed a few times to clean it. Granny had removed any loose shells, claws and other whatnots.

Ingredients for Nasi Ulam

The pounded dried prawns were added in, along with a tablespoon of sambal to give it a bit of a chilli taste. We mixed all the cut ingredients together with the prawn and sambal first to even out the sambal. And then, we added in about a bowl of rice. There’s less rice in this particular dish compared to the one that I put up years ago.

Nasi Ulam

How the Nasi Ulam finally looked like in the end. There are more herbs and less rice.

Nasi Ulam with Tom Yam Prawns

I had the Nasi Ulam together with some Stir-Fried Tomyam Prawns. Easy and simple lunch.

Why did I decide to suddenly decide to have Nasi Ulam? Well, I just recently bought the updated version of Nonya Flavours, a recipe book on the Penang Nonya Cuisine. The book wasn’t too expensive, priced at RM38. So, spoke to Granny and since she had the herbs growing in the garden, it was pretty easy to get it all cooked together.

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