: : Status update on Vavavoom project : :

Weight Progress

Well, as they say, a picture tells a thousand words. So that’s the biggest change to me.

At the moment, I’m kind of stuck at 93 kg and all I have to do is do more exercise!!

Weight Loss Progress

The graph showing the boingboing effect. And it really is boingboing. Need to work out more and more!

Well, at least it’s been a learning curve. Losing weight was never going to be an easy road so let’s see what happens.

: : Translation Japanese Food Labels : :

Sorry for the late of postings. The connection only recently got better and it’s now easier to access the site.

Anyway, managed to find some translation for Japanese food nutrition label so that I now know what on earth is written there.

エネルギー – Energy
たんぱく – Protein
脂 – Fat (Abura)
炭水化物 – Carbohydrates (Tansuikabutsu)
ナトリウム – Sodium (Salt)
カルシウム – Calcium

Source : Japanese Food Labels

The only reason that I’m putting this down so that I have access to a place where I can find the information online. Hee hee! It’s only for some cooking ingredients and not for junk food.