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I think I may have found a better solution to portion control than I realised. Because it looks like the Japanese have already come up with that solution. Apparently, all one needs to know is 3 parts carbo, 1 part protein, 2 parts vegetables and select the container based on the volume.

Guide to Choosing the Right Size Bento Box
Translation of how to Select Bento Boxes from Yellow Studio, Japan

So, it looks like the Tupperware lunchbox that I’ve been carrying around is the 900 ml one and what I really should be eating is a 600 ml container.

Anyway, there are lot of inspirations online. Some links are here :
Bento Challenge
Video Games Characters come alive!

Well, have ordered some bento sets from ebay Malaysia. Now all I have to do is wait for them to come but in the mean time, just use what I currently have at hand.

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