Step-by-Step Drop on the Chart

One thing that I frequently had to remind myself as I went out throughout 2009 was that it was a step at a time. That I wasn’t to hope for a miracle drop in weightloss. That there will be uphills and downhills as I went on this journey.

So the key tool that help me to monitor the weightloss (and manage my moodswings when things didn’t go well) was my scale. I remembered going out during a Sunday on the same week I got diagnosed with high blood pressure and bought a digital scale. I also made the affirmanation that I will be steadfast in my goal to reach my ideal weight, no matter how long it took but that I aim to lose 1 kg a week. That I was going to be brave enough to tell people how much I weigh and that nothing will dedract me from my goal, even if it meant having to put up with a lot of people’s comments.


*Click on the chart for bigger picture.

It’s been now 10 months since I started. And there has been big mountains and I mean gigantic mountains. But I found that as soon as I went back onto the right track, everything came down again very very easily.

My new goal is to lose another 15kg by 1 Feb 2010 so that I can get off the high blood pressure medication the next time I see my cardiologist. It’s annoying having to swallow a little white pill all the time. But I’m definitely going to make it.

Why? Because I want to. 🙂