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    This was interesting. Great sounds.

    As for the Obesity Myth, I'm still sticking to my diet. I wanna look good this June.

    Plus, catching up with the Mario Bros.

    Posted at 1:16 PM. Permalink |

    ...Losing Weight...

    I'm on a diet plan. My sister is on a diet plan. My two mothers are on a diet plan.

    Let's see how far it goes.

    Gotta lose enough weight to make an impact at Agie's wedding this June. And also for health reasons. Am tired of feeling so tired every day.

    Posted at 11:50 AM. Permalink |

    ...Naive on Words...

    Love the drawings. Ain't they so cute? Spent so much time at Naive's site.

    Having said that, check out the FlashForward 2004's winners.

    Posted at 2:55 PM. Permalink |

    ...Family Blog...

    Looks like Raed's family is now blogging, including his mother! I like her outlook towards life.

    FYI, Raed was the blogger at Salam Pax's blog.

    But, looks like his Dad is not interested.

    Posted at 12:56 AM. Permalink |

    ...Garfield the Movie...

    U little suck up!

    Hee hee... classic line for Garfield on Odie. Check out the trailer (need broadband).

    Posted at 12:55 AM. Permalink |

    ...Plane Crashes...

    I swear that we nearly had a plane collision today. We could see the wheels of the plane coming down while driving to the supermarket. We being Granny and myself.

    It was scary when we saw the plane coming down VERY FAST AND VERY LOW and it look like it was going crash behind the shoplots.

    We're getting the house insurance changed pronto.

    Posted at 9:47 PM. Permalink |

    ...More on Streamyx...

    Just click into my head what the Telekom agent said to me. Apparently, the problem prone areas are Tabuan Jaya, Matang and another area that eludes me at the moment. All other areas in Kuching are fine.

    So, hmmm...
    Posted at 7:56 PM. Permalink |


    Just heard that Telekom is not opening up more nodes in Tabuan Jaya, Kuching until they can resolve the problem of people connecting and disconnecting from Streamyx. Apparently, too many complaints over the past few weeks.

    Lucky me, I was one of the lucky few who got the line. :p

    Posted at 10:58 PM. Permalink |

    ...Robin Williams...

    Hey Tucker! For you! Hee hee!

    Posted at 10:57 PM. Permalink |